Goose is a web based user management application which uses Ori to secure it's actions (functions).

It is typical in many way: It has 3 layer (DAO, Service and View layer) and uses common APIs like:

Note: Goose has no version number, because is an application that i use to keep myself up to date. It has many version in which i tried to integrate different tools, frameworks or API (like Tapestry, Spring, Sitemesh, Maven, iBatis, DWR, etc). Since Hibernate and Struts are (still) the most populars nowadays (2005 sept.), i choosed to publish this version.


Goose is distributed as a war file and uses HSQLDB (in-memory) by default, so no extra configuration is needed.

Just throw the war file in the webapps directory of your servlet container (like tomcat) and browse to http://localhost:8080/goose/admin/!

(the servername and port can differ, depending of your configuration).

Use Goose

The implicit superuser's (who has all permission) username is admin, his password is alma (you can change it in goose.xml configuration file). If you login with this user, you'll be able to create users and groups(=roles) and associate permissions to them.

TODO: structure, configuration files, menu, database