About this project

Ori is Java API based on JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service).

With Ori you can simplify the integration of your own security (authentication and authorization) scheme in your application.

Although Ori is intended to be extended by other developers to become part of their application, it is shipped with a simple implementation (uses XML files to store data).


  • Ori is simple (a couple of interface to implement; roles, users and permissions are all represented by Strings)
  • Ori is shipped with a simple implementation (user,role and permission data are stored in xml files and password are encoded in MD5)
  • Ori can be used on java 1.4 and higher
  • Ori has no dependency
  • In Ori users and roles can have multiple permission and users can have multiple role (the user inherits it's role's permissions )
  • refresh mechanism (changes made in your data take effects immediately after refresh)

Known issues

  • Need more test
  • Need mode documentation

How can I use it?

  1. Check the tutorials.
  2. Download it.
  3. Write your code.